Pending Transaction

As a user mobile i try on Metamask and Coinbase wallet, both pending transaction


I don’t know why it’s writing pending on uniswap but showing transaction completed on metamask


when the swap from eth goerli to eth linea why does it take so long, i hope the devs can fix it, thank you

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When you see a pending transaction you can try to clear it by following this article


Try to speed up a transaction.

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anyone can help me? i have bridge from gETH to Linea still have pending. and now page site error.


Try to use another bridge, for example canonical…

Pending transaction will execute after network congestion. No worries. Just make sure to check its not cancelled in block explorer


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Polygon Mumbai bridge to Linea good working few minutes and trnsaction done !!! But Goerli Bridge to Linea Broken

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it normal you need more time to succes this transaction

i have this problem too


Should be normal now

Linea chain commision for my transaction have X10 price for my swap 0.01

ETH i pay 0.1 -0.25 ! i am scary! I have this problem on all dapps

i have 10days pending txs . help please. i missed all linea activity with this bug( i cant even cancel or speed up. in activity are only 2 tx but when try to cancel or speeed up or send a new one it shows 5 txs. ((((

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Good evening :pray:
Why after claiming the faucet (infura), I no longer receive it in my wallet?


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Try cancelling the oldest pending transaction with a custom nonce, see here on our Knowledge Base for more info:

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Due to the network congestion, it can take some time for the tokens to arrive.

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hello, please help me . My withdraw order from has been over 60 hours and has not been completed yet, it is still pending on here is the hash : 0x0f9ba3ef01479c951

a82f2e0fcf5a0fe41db4671af0ace2a61f7af4adeb9226d .