Ethereum to Linea bridging

Hi there,
I’ve bridged some eth form Ethereum mainet to Linea mainet using official Linea bridge (5 hours ago). On same page it shows bridge complete.
On etherscan shows succesful.
On Lineascan this transaction doesn’t show and i can only see this as an “internal txn” there.
These funds doesn’t show on my meta mask wallet either. How to i get my funds?
p.s. Bridged funds to this wallet Linea network previously, via orbiter and had no issues.

Thank you


Hey @user1357, welcome to the Linea community!

It is normal for it to show as an Internal Transaction in Lineascan, see here on the Knowledge Base for more info:

Did you choose manual or automatic? If you chose manual you would have to manually click the Claim button. If you don’t see the Claim button try reloading the history, clearing cache/cookies, or another browser.