Linea mainnet bridge problem

I send ETH to Linea mainnet manual 1.5 hours ago but not have my transaction



I chose the Automatic claim, and eth have reached linea mainnet in less than half an hour. :yum:

Did you choose Manual? Follow the prompts in the doc to claim your eth.


MANUAL CLAIM DELAY: If you used the manual claim option and do not see your transaction with the “claim funds” button under the recent transactions section as detailed here Bridge your tokens | Linea the team is working on this. Do not worry - your funds are safe and have arrived and you will be able to claim.

Don’t see RECENT TRANSACTIONS on ? The team is working on this (see above regarding manual claim delay). All your transactions are recorded on the blockchain. You can check your address on and to confirm transactions are recorded.


Hi, I bridged the ETH mainnet to Linea with the Official Bridge and got an error/bug. The interface shows that the tx failed but the etherscan tx succeeded, so my balance has been reduced but no bridge history on the bridge interface and haven’t received any funds until now about 30 minutes. So is it a bug? I lost about $80 and didn’t know what to do!

Here’s my etherscan tx hash to check: 0xacb021c62fdd662920329c6e29a43ff0d1e00109ac7f5542a90613779521c133

And here’s the interface:

Please response this, thank you!


So you did receive your funds?

Check your address on to see if transaction was successful and your ETH is there


Привет! Я использовал мост и выбрал ручной режим, первая транзакция прошла, эфир поступил. Но когда хочу потребовать свое вознаграждение, пишет что нет Eth. Я не понял что нужно сделать!? Извините.


I received it! So I guess it’s just an interface bug

hi @user1291 , It means you don’t have eth on linea mainnet, so you can’t claim. :smiling_face_with_tear:
So it’s better to choose Automatic claiming.

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Я не понимаю, я использую мост что бы завести в сеть Linea эфир, откуда он возьмется там до этого момента???

You need to bridge again using the automatic method if you do not have Linea ETH to claim.

See the guide here on the documentation:


I bridge goerli to linea testnet, the goerli not arrive on linea testnet, How long do I need to wait to see the bridge succeed?

merhaba lineadan eth transferim gerçekleşmedi bakiye cüzdanda görünmüyor

From Linea to Goerli it will take at least 8 hours, please see the docs here:

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You may still need to give it more time for it to arrive, if you have chosen manual method you will also need to claim manually.

See on our docs here:

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My manual claim Linea mainnet to ETH bridge is still pending after 36 hours. how long should I expect this to arrive?

hi @fredator , manual claim will not reach the account automatically.
Can you see transaction history? Switch to linea mainnet to claim, it needs eth as gas.
If there is no eth, you need to choose automatic claim to bridge again, or transfer from other addresses.

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yes, this is the tx history. pending about 37 hours now. automatic claiming is not available from linea to eth


50 hours and counting. no support for this?

Hey @fredator,

L2 > L1 messaging has been fixed now please wait for your funds to arrive on L1 it might take a while for the blocks to fully catch up:

The L2 to L1 bridge was stuck because there was a batch submission issue. For your information, L2 to L1 messages were anchored on L1 during the batch submission.

The Linea team worked on a fix and they deployed one. The batch submission has been resumed. But it will take time to catch up with L2 head. You’ll be able to claim your ETH on L1, as soon as they’re processed.


okay thanks for the reply