Linea Voyage - Bridge Week-BSC Tasks

I wanted to share if anyone couldn’t get test BUSD and BNB it can be redeemed on Celer website.


busd does not pass even though it is a bridge

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probably because the testnet is congested due to high demand, if you have eth on Linea testnet you can speed up the transfer yourself. That’s what I did and it worked. I hope it will be helpful!


I completed all tasks they updated after I finished the tasks but I cannot claim my points. (Just Dai, Usdc and Hop arrived to Linea.)


You will be able to claim your points about 24 hours after completing the quest. These quests are manually verified by the bridge teams, please be patient

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I need exact UNI and USDT contract address to transfer on LIFI. I try to swap UNI and USDT on uniswap but my balance in LIFI still 0. So i think i swap wrong token. Thanks

1 Like and make sure you are connected to Goerli network.

You must lock ETH to receive UNI and USDT

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Thank you so much. I’ve done

Hello. It is not possible to make a transaction on the Polygon Mumbai - Linea bridge. All the time the message “Api Request failed” appears.

Exchange transactions either do not go through, or go through within a day. It is too long.
At the same time, successful transactions are not verified on Galxe.

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Same issues here, don’t know what’s wrong :expressionless: :smiling_face_with_tear:


I am trying to send a bus from BSC to Linea and keep getting an error, what should I do?
help plz


Traffic kills the tasks?!

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how to speed this up ? also, any where else to get BUSD, only managed to get a little not enough to bridge ?

Hi do you find a solution for busd faucet? Cannot claim since 3 days. Thanks for BUSD, please be patient because there is a lot of demand from faucet at this time on testnet.

sorry but I can’t share a link here

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work sir, nice info. because there was no busd faucet reading there, I was confused before