Week 8 Bugs and Issues

Please ask any questions or share any issues about Linea Voyage Week 8 here :slight_smile:


i guess we have to create a tweet or any post with links on all of faucets.

new week is unreal to complete without testcash

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Wen i swap 0.001 - 0.01 ETH i pay 0.05 - 0.55 eth commission! This problem have 70% dapps ! What about mainnet commission wen we have more and more users?


Works better right now but cannot add liquidity for liquidity pools yet . So fix it and we can test that also


When i try to bridge goerli to linea using hop exchange it shows 100000000 eth for gas fees . So how we pay such amount for 1 Eth bridge ?

Try to use the method in the following post. Remove the two spaces I inserted in the link.
https:// community.linea.build /t/cant-bridge-from-goerli-to-linea/6328/2

We are experiencing Internal jSON-RPC error across multiple Defi protocols on the Voyage week 8 ! Is this intentional or could it be a bug ?

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About LINEA VOYAGE Defi week 8!

I suggest it’s for the best if , the team sacrifices Goerli network for 24hrs to enable all the pending transactions be added to blocks.

Limiting the number of transactions per batch has caused multiple known errors including enormous gas fees, while this is just a test in order to build a more robust LINEA Network, the experience is al most unbearable.

Or , the team can decide , let summited failed transactions on the LINEA network be sync and verified on galxe . Participants have utilized a whole lot of gas already! :pray:


You may see this error due to the high amount of network congestion, please try again another time

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Please see this tweet thread addressing the high gas fees on testnet:


I was not credited with tasks for cashmere quests.

despite of using highest gas fee all of transactions failed to night it seems that the network faced a problem, are you have such problem now???

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As long as you did the tasks following the guide correctly Use Cashmere | Linea they will eventually be verified

The gas is still very high, and there is no guarantee they will become significantly lower throughout the week

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I did everything right, according to history there is not a single contract for the execution of a swap, how to understand this? on assignment izumi…

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Not exactly sure what you mean but you can check if it was successful on https://goerli.lineascan.build/, if it is still pending you can either wait, cancel, or speed up

all tasks done and the experience is real smooth. congrats on successful voyage. Jus waiting for voyage to end to know the supply of commemorative NFTs and respective tiers:smile: :smiley:

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I was testing FWDX since march/april but cant be verified in this quest. I spent /like everyone/ quantum GETH on what? To be verified on tests Ive made months ago.

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Has anybody had issues with the:

[Gridex] Advanced Maker Order?

How long does it normally take to verify?

The gas fees are very high and it is impossible to complete half of the tasks at all…obviously the network is oversaturated…