Bridging problem

hi i bridged tokens from linear mainet to etharium mainet ,using manuel, never receive any message to claim , when i trace the transaction it says successfull , but no tokens available on etharium mainet, pliz help


hi. refresh the bridge page to see if the transaction history appears below. At the beginning it is pending, you can see the claim button after the transaction is completed.

3 Likes in addition try to clear cache and hard refresh by using Cmd(Ctrl) + Shift + R

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shem ,it did work .i am seing myself losing all my money

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Sorry - do you mean it did work or did not work?

L2 > L1 (Linea to Ethereum) can take between 8-32 hours depending on activity. Don’t forget if bridging from Linea to Ethereum you will need to go to and manually claim your funds once they arrive on Ethereum mainnet.

If it’s been over 32 hours, you may need to click “clear history” button under “recent transaction” several times on bridge page several times. Your history will reload and then you will see the claim button. Please be patient, it will work you may need to repeat a few times.


Thanks let me try again , but there no records for the transactioim which i did on the bridge page

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I bridged 4.5eth to goerli over two weeks yet to be delivered. have reload history but still not showing claim button

Try clearing cache/cookies or using another browser

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thank you very much it worked

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Hello, can you help me ?

Yes, what do you need help with? If it’s not related to this thread please create a new topic on the forum :slight_smile:

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