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It doesn’t do a lot…just take it slow and be patient

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what about my translation?
when will the money arrive in my account?

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Hi all,
So far a smooth onboarding experience, both testnet and mainnet.

Read the security page of the docs and read that users cannot force tx back to L1. Which IMO is the ONE THING that most L2s at least have (all being centralized with admin keys). It is framed in the docs like it is for safety, but I would recommend allowing users to do this. I know it is part of Phase 2 of the decentralization roadmap, I just see no reason why it isn’t included from the get go.

Looking forward to the growth of this L2!

i like it too and im so hopeful about this project.

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the bridge isnt active for me…
im so hopeful about this project.

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USDC option is not available for Metamask Mobile Wallet at It is available for desktop extension.

Where is the Google forum which was initially used for feedback during testnet?

you are quite right. im so hopeful about this project and we will see about my guess soon.

gas fee is cheaper comparing to other L2s… linea’s rise is inevitable

linea is a very good project and i heve a nice feeling about it.

linea is a very goid project in my idea and im so hopeful about it.
uniswap and pool section is inactive for me now.

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Everything is going very well, we need more games and NFTs for the community. He also loves community t-shirts and products with the Consensys Linea logo. I love Ethereum and Linea.

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my idea is the same ad your idea. im so hopeful about this project.

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linea is a very good project, evetything is ok for me, but pool and swap doesnt work and are inactive for me.

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everything is going well and we are so hopeful about this nice priject.

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Swap , convert , pool , Bridge Smoothly no problem

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whats new guys ??? :smiley:
anything exciting. anybody into the games thing recently ?
i am not much of a game person myself

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i am 50/50 like game ! But you must read this announcement from