Linea to etherium bridge

I had brdged linea to etherium on you site bt till now I yet not get my bridged linea.already 30 hours gone.what do I do now?

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Hey @Mijanpme98, welcome to the Linea community!

You will need to manually claim by clicking the Claim button once it has arrived on Ethereum. Keep in mind that it takes about 8 to 32 hours from Linea to Ethereum.

If you don’t see the Claim button, try reloading your transaction history, clearing cache/cookies, or another browser.

But this is very poor…claiming fee is too high…not expected

Claiming fee is based on what Ethereum gas fees are at that moment.

I transferred a bridge from linea to etherium and it’s stuck for 2 months, what should I do? everyone please help.

hi @duylong2200 .
L2 > L1 (Linea to Ethereum) can take between 8-32 hours depending on activity. You need to go to bridge page and manually claim your funds once they arrive on Ethereum mainnet.
If it’s been over 32 hours, you may need to click ““clear history”” button under ““recent transaction”” several times on bridge page several times. Your history will reload and then you will see the claim button.

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