I bridged tokens from linear mainet to l

hi i bridged tokens from linear mainet to etharium mainet , i havent received a message to claim the tokens , when i trace the transaction its saying successfull , but i didnt receive any tokens. plizhelp me

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hi. Bridging from L2 to L1 may take more time to complete.
Once your token is available for claim, the claim button will appear in the transaction history at the bottom of the page.

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Dear Dev, when I brigded from Linea Linea Mainnet to Ethereum. I don’t receive ETH. Could you please explain this situation. Thank you!

Hi dear l have bridged tokens from linear Mainet to etharium Mainet, it have been six days, l never received a message for the the transaction for l to claim, when l trace the transaction it says successful. For how long does it take to receive the claim message thank you

Try to click " Clear History", “Claim fund” button is appeared. Click to receive your ETH.

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Where do i find token addresses to Linea Network?
I need to know the USDC

There is a curated canonical token list for Linea that is given to partners and is used by MetaMask to autodetect tokens on GitHub, here is the link : https://github.com/Consensys/linea-token-list/blob/main/json/linea-mainnet-token-shortlist.json . We should have more in our docs to share on this soon, we will share once available.

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hi dear its been 12 days waiting for a bridge to be finalize , i bridged using linear bring , no records n, i am getting worried

Hi dear you have the same problem as i , how did you resolved. for i its 12 days ,never r4eceived the bridged tokens , no even a record for the transactioin to claim

Try clearing cache/cookies or using another browser

Thank you very much it worked