Week 3 Quests Bugs and Issues

RPC is down. Cannot do week 3 !!! Argghhh. :thinking: :roll_eyes:


RPC will be back soon, team is working on it


Getting the following error when trying to mint the ghostNFT?


For UNPREDICTABLE_GAS_LIMIT errors on ghostNFT platform, depending on what you are trying to do, you either:

  • need to have created already your NFT collection on NFTs2me and mint AT LEAST 1 NFT from the collection there, in order to be able to list the collection successfully on ghostNFT afterwards.
  • already claimed the free gNFT for the task and are unable to claim again.

Yeah, I have already created my NFTs2me.
However I claimed my free gNFT a while back… so I’m going to miss out on my week 3 points :frowning:
Thanks for the speedy reply though.

You won’t miss out on those points, for gNFT minted prior to the Voyage campaign, the task WILL BE counted, but the points will be credited ONLY after you have completed another ghostNFT task as well.

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Oh really? Happy days!!
I have completed all of the tasks other than that one, so I am assuming its a manual check? hence not showing yet? perhaps?

Yes, the points will be able to be claimed eventually :slight_smile:

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Brilliant!!! thank you :slight_smile:

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Can’t mint ghost nft airdrop

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no redeem buttom for colaterize nft on ghostchain

The redeem button is available only for NFTs which you own.

Bilinear, there is nothing to buy. Keep getting error for those which are available. Error buying, meaning probably it was already bought.

Bilinear is not working that well. Slow creating collection. Another stress test :smiley:

Buying NFT on BIlinear is taking forever to confirm. Hope the testing journey is getting easier and smoother as time goes by.

Bilinear is very bugy on Linea. Hope the network improves over time.

I experienced several disturbances at mission week 3 linea, the problem was from the bilinear platform, I had completed all tasks, but there were 2 assignments that could not be verified and 2 days have passed and the bilinear until now is not running well when accessing the website

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The Bilinear team is aware of this issue and working on it. If you want, you can reach out to their support which is linked at the bottom of the docs page here: Use Bilinear | Linea . Remember, when reaching out to support be careful of scammers. NEVER connect or sync your wallet when interacting with support.

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I am not sure what to do for this task ? They are very similar, unclear instruction. GhostNFT - Redeem collateral from NFTs via ghostNFT. Thanks

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