Linea Voyage Week 4!

Hello Voyagers :sparkles: ,

We’re keeping it light after another great week of testing. Last week you had the opportunity to immerse yourself in the creation and deployment of a new NFT project on Linea. We saw an amazing participation of over 425 thousand wallets, which performed transactions with our partners NFTs2me, Bilinear, ghostNFT and Zonic.

As a reminder, at the end of the Voyage we will tally up everyone’s points and depending on how many you earned you’ll be eligible for a “proof of contribution” NFT recognizing your participation in the Voyage and our collective effort to help Ethereum scale. :rocket:

There will be five “editions” of the Linea Voyage NFTs celebrating the journey we’re taking together. The first edition, Lineans, is our starting point and will be available to anyone joining us on this journey. The art celebrates the individual tester, the single nodes of the Linea community. :fire:

Each edition builds on this shared foundation. Whether you completed one activity or all of them, we appreciate your contribution to this ambitious new network. :pray:

But wait, there’s more! We’ve been working on swag concepts for upcoming events and need your feedback! Check out some designs in Snapshot and vote for your favorite swag! We would love to hear your thoughts!! :Linea:

And finally, mark your calendars for our Twitter Space on Wednesday, May 24th. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with our community!

This week’s campaign will run from May 24, 2023 1:00 PM ET to May 28, 2023 11:59 PM ET. You will have an additional 24 hours to claim points on the completed activity as long as it is performed by the May 28th, 11:59 PM EST deadline.

All eligible addresses will be updated daily, every 24 hours. If you’re seeing “You are NOT eligible” be sure to check back after addresses have been updated.

Linea mirror article for this week (sneak peek of the first edition Voyage NFT mentioned, included, please read the article entirely) :

Galxe link of the campaign for this week will be posted here, around 10 PM EST, May 24th.