Update on Dencun (EIP-4844) Implementation

Hey Lineans!

We have some updates on Dencun EIP-4844 implementation on Linea.

Launch Date :rocket:: We’re targeting March 26th for the upgrade and we’ll monitor data for 24 hours before reducing fees on March 27th. The 24 hours period for gathering data is important to ensure best results. This approach helps us minimize network congestion risks. Note :rotating_light:: While this is are our target, unforeseen circumstances may arise. User security on Linea remains our top priority.

Security First :lock:: We’re currently collaborating with top-tier security firms to audit our smart contract modifications. Once we’re confident in the testnet’s stability and user security, we’ll proceed with the implementation. :blob:

Behind the Scenes :hammer_and_wrench::Post our Alpha v2 launch, which already slashed fees by 66%, our team has been laser-focused on EIP-4844. This upgrade is set to further reduce gas costs, making transactions on Linea even cheaper.

Stay Updated :mega:: Keep an eye on the upcoming Linea Sepolia testnet to see the upgrade in action before it hits the mainnet.

TL;DR :books::If all goes as planned, EIP-4844’s fee reduction will be live on Linea by March 27th. We’re committed to keeping you informed as we progress, working closely with leading security experts to ensure a safe upgrade. Stay tuned for more updates!