Linea is coming to a city near you

So excited to announce that Linea is hosting 21 meetups around the world to celebrate the next phase of Linea’s development with you guys! The Ethereum Dencun upgrade is going to drastically bring down gas prices, so we’re hosting IRL Voyage Waypoints all along the way, cause this is a pivotal moment for Ethereum scalability.

You can read more here: Linea Voyage Waypoint: Road to Dencun — Linea

IMPORTANT! You’ll need to sign up with your wallet or link your wallet to your account in order to claim a non-transferable Waypoint pass.

These events are opportunities for us to gather in person ! So, if you’re in the area, please join us!

Lahore and Bangalore are coming up soon
Jan 26 (Lahore):
Jan 27 (Bangalore):

Watch this space for more cities and dates!