Gas fees on Linea

I know that Linea is lower than Ethereum gas prices but it is much more expensive than other L2s, when will the next update be? Linea will always have a special place in my heart. I went to Istanbul just for Linea but the Linea is still expensive in terms of gas fees.


Hi friend!

Linea is still at phase 0 of the roadmap so a lot of things ahead that will improve the gas fees. Good things take time :smiley:

Linea gas fees are approximately 1/15th of Ethereum mainnet. These fees will be lowered the as rollup costs reduce over time (Dencun upgrade will help start this). Check out more

Linea is an EVM-equivalent ZK Rollup and meters gas the same as Ethereum. Therefore, the full transaction price is influenced by the gas price only. Other rollup systems may increase gas units or add an additional L1 data fee to their transactions, which can obfuscate the overall costs, however, Linea transaction fees are comparable to other L2s which rely on Ethereum for data availability and settlement.


Thanks for the clarification, I am looking forward to the dencun update, is there any information about the date of the update, I think I heard Q1 2024.

Q1 2024 sounds very possible.

This article touches on the topic: Ethereum Evolved: Dencun Upgrade Part 1, EIP-5656 & EIP-6780 | Consensys