My bridge on the Linea network is delayed by 36 hours

Hello everybody!
I made a bridge from the linea network to the ethereum network on December 10th at 11pm as we can see in the print.
The problem is that until now, after 36 hours, the claim button still hasn’t appeared for me. This is normal? I saw people on the forum talking about delays of around 1 hour, but nothing as long as my case. Did i do something wrong?

I hope you help me, thank you!

The transaction number is this:


Hey @PhoenixDevice, welcome to the Linea community!

Please give it a bit more time and sorry for the inconvenience. If you don’t end up seeing the claim button try reloading history, clearing cache/cookies, or another browser.

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Hello @nakedwinnie ! Thank you for your welcome!
I just waited another 12 hours and it worked! I was afraid I had done something wrong, but now everything is resolved!
Thank you for your attention