Can't Interact With Consensys Zkevm

When I try to swap i get error (image 1)
And when intry to bridge from consensys to goerli i get error (image 2)
Anything i do using consensys is failing or i get errors. I’ve been testing and exploring for more than 1 month and this is the first time I’ve experienced this.please help.

error add liquidity select pair Eth/crUSDC and WETH/crUSDC with option fee tier 0.3% and 1%

I have a problem when bridging on hop exchange.

The problem is when I bridge 2 goerli eth to linea eth, the transaction is successful but linea eth does not enter the wallet and my goerli eth is just lost. but when I bridge less than 2 goerli eth to linea there is no problem. Maybe there is a bug when bridging 2 goerli