All Bug & Error

  1. There is a problem when I want to swap crUSDC to CrWETH, when I enter the amount of crUSDC, the Price Impact is very high as if there is no Liquidity

  2. When I entered the amount into the crWETH it went well

  3. When I want to add Liquidity with Fee Tier 0.3% and 1% it has an error and appears like this

    but with 0.05% it works

  4. I don’t know why it looks like this when pressing the - & + buttons

  5. I’m looking for my own way to get to add liquidity, and the way I suppress it
    in the min price column click (-) 1x
    & in the max price column click (+) 1x, after doing that I can add Liquidity with 0.00001 ETH

  6. There is another problem when I want to add liquidity, I can’t add liquidity above 0.00001 ETH, nothing happens after I click Add, and it’s hard stuck, no confirmation appears on Metamask

  7. The Remove Liquidity feature runs smoothly

That’s all I can report regarding bugs & errors while I was working on this testnet, if there are other problems I will send another report

My address for working on this testnet : 0x70f830010562aaF7bF5FA9F42f60CcCF2b490b5B


Please refer to this post here:


Tx still pending, i hope this problem will fixed ASAP

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yes it’s because of the dense network, I changed the gas fee and the transaction became fast, Sometimes transactions have been successful but are still read as pending

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the next problem with faucet usdc on hop exchange; writes that the mint was successful but when sending the balance shows 0