Bridge usdc zkevm to usdc goerli & swap, add liquidity

Bridge : When I bridge from usdc zkevm to usdc goerli it doesn’t enter even though the usdc zkevm is reduced

Swap (add liquidity) : error Somehow. The problem is as shown in the screenshot

Hi @Kikuk, welcome to ConsenSys zkEVM community!

For the first issue, try clearing your cache and cookies, reconnecting and trying again. I had no issue when i tested what you mentioned.

For pooling on uniswap, refer to this:

This issue with pooling is due to the large difference when exchanging crETH for crUSDC. Because of the high amount of crUSDC required to pool with small amounts of crETH, the requests are pilling up and crashing the pool mechanism. So try using smaller amounts of crUSDC when pooling with whatever the crETH equivalent is. Should still work, try balancing it a bit.
Same applies for swapping too, balance the amounts around in order for the swap to work.


Very high gas fee to send USDC from L1 goerli to L2 ZkEvm and from L2 ZkEvm to L1 Goerli.

Hi @DiegoFiq, welcome to ConsenSys zkEVM community!

The gas fees when bridging from L1 to L2 are dependent on the congestion of Goerli at the moment you are bridging. Lately, for some time, Goerli had congestion and high fees.