Can't bridge from goerli to linea

I doing bridge transactions from groerli to linea always like this, an error occurs

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Hey try these steps here:

  • Switch wallet to Goerli Network

  • Go to the Linea Message Service contract on Etherscan TransparentUpgradeableProxy | Address 0x70BaD09280FD342D02fe64119779BC1f0791BAC2 | Etherscan

  • Navigate to Contract > Write as Proxy tab

  • Connect your wallet by clicking on the “Connect with web3” button

  • Open the 12. SendMessage function form.

  • Input the amount you want to bridge in sendMessage (highlighted below.)

  • Input address you want LineaETH to arrive to (typically your address)

  • Input _fee paid to postman - this amount is in wei, we recommend 1000000000000000

  • Input _calldata (bytes) - 0x

  • Hit “write” button

  • You will be prompted to complete transaction in MetaMask


gm sir,
responding to your reply regarding sending assets from goerli to linea using smart contracts…
I have done steps that you mentioned in the previous reply, here I did not receive my goerliETH assets on the linea testnet network…here I attach the tx proof 0x54aa9f95ab0dbb18b9aee3ea873ca433fe718ca2fea1b36788b1a88b58cb4061

I tried to send 1 goerliETH to Linea, here I am confused, I need your guidance, thank you.

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It looks like ETH on Linea has arrived, see on the block explorer:

wich site are you using