Bridged eth with trust wallet. now stuck

Hello, I did bridge eth to linea with trust wallet, I really thought linea was compatible with trust. Realizing no swap or send could work: transactions and smart contract interactions are stuck because of trust wallet gas fee miscalculation. So I did have today my trust wallet back up connected to metamask, still no transaction or interection with any protocol does work. I am completely stuck. Some help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

All are pending and stuck.

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Ok I managed to bridge back out of Linea hope to metamask and increased gas fee. problem solved.


How did you manage to do that? I have the same issue with trust wallet, but can’t seem to approve any transaction on Linea mainnet.

Hey @user1360, welcome to the Linea Community!

I would reach out to the Trust Wallet team about this.

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