Bridged eth to eth network never made it

I sent .038 eth from linea to eth network almost 10 hours ago and have not got it.

Transaction id 0x562066d4d7561614fb012412e66bd31d33fbe7bbeeb12496abf2ee485bdb8973

Also attached screen shit of bridge. I need these funds asap.

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Follow these steps -

  • Make sure you are connected to right address and network on and in your MetaMask

  • Bridging from L2>L1 (Linea>Ethereum) takes between 8-32 hours, allow for this time to pass.

  • If the time has passed, and you bridged from L2>L1 (Linea>Ethereum), follow these steps below:

        *go to
        *make sure you are connected on Ethereum network in your MetaMask and on the bridge website
        *click the "clear history" button under Recent Transactions on this bridge site
        *look for Claim button
        *try clear history button on bridge site a few times if doesn't work the first time

If you are using mobile, make sure you are trying to claim on bridge site using in-app browser.

More about the Linea canonical bridge in these docs: Check out the bridge docs:


I’m pretty sure you’ll get this sorted out; best of luck!