TUSD for Galxe quest

how can we do the galxe task about multichain tusd bridge? I can’t find a faucet on Avalanche Fuji Testnet. Please reply if you have info about it. Thanks!


how to bridge TUSD at avax and USDC at goerli?

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Go to https://faucet.goerli.linea.build/ and make sure you are connected on AVAX testnet


nice, got it TUSD now, done, just ones again USDC goerli now, eror for faucet?

goerli usdc always say this: TH

The Blockchain Network is congested, your transaction is waiting in queue, please wait for few hours to get it processed properly.

always eror?

There’s a lot of demand now on the testnet at this time so faucets can take a long time, please try again another time and be patient!


okay, i will waiting

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thank you!! I am embarrassed that it is this easy:)

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bridging tusd from avalanche fuji to linea test net is not going through .has any one did the transaction.what can be the error .

Thank you for this, it really helped

It’s no longer giving out the required tokens

There’s a lot of demand for the testnet at this time so please be patient with faucets and try again some other time.

If you have already received tokens from the faucet and completed the quest, please do not request from the faucet again.

If you broadcasted the transaction once, it will happen after the congestion. No worries for that

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TSUD faucet no longer listed ?

Make sure you are on AVAX testnet

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it has been more than 48 hours without completing the jumper transaction

As long as the transaction has been successfully sent to the bridge, it will be able to be verified for the quest.

do we have one more day for lifi quests? so if I swap know could I get the points?

Quests for week 1 are now over.


https:// faucet. goerli .linea. build/ here has all you want