The Linea Voyage Collection Drop!

Linea team celebrates its mainnet release with one of the largest collective onchain actions in Ethereum history, recognizing the Linea Voyage community with a commemorative NFT collection.

On July 11th, Linea released its mainnet alpha, a powerful Layer 2 (L2) network with unparalleled scalability with a growing ecosystem of over 100 decentralized applications, developer tools and infrastructure. As we stand on the brink of a new era of Ethereum scalability, we are humbled by the unprecedented community effort it took to bring Linea to life.

Today, we extend our deep gratitude to the Linea community that participated in the Voyage. To commemorate their efforts, Linea has commissioned a set of digital art pieces inspired by their contributions to the network. The Linea Voyage portrays the emergence of a new global network through stages of development, instantiation, growth, experimentation, and connection. The collection illustrates how individual efforts coalesce into a powerful wave of collective action, driving the network forward to a future marked by efficiency, scalability, and innovation. The collection celebrates the Lineans—early community members whose contributions helped shape and test the network—and the transformative power of community collaboration.

This collection comes in five different editions. The first four editions, “Alpha”, “Beta”, “Gamma”, “Delta” will be airdropped to the top four tiers of participants, based on their ranking in the final Voyage leaderboard. The fifth edition “Omega” will be available for claim by all other participants. This unique collection is set to be one of the largest (by distribution) in Ethereum’s history.

View the Linea Voyage Collection:

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