Linea Voyage begins today!

:drum: Linea Voyage begins today! :tada:

The Linea Voyage is a journey that a user can undertake to learn about the infinite possibilities of an L2 network. :luggage:

It consists of a set of weekly challenges and opportunities to explore the Linea ecosystem, and also help our engineering team validate and harden the testnet. With each voyage that a user undertakes over the next nine weeks, they can learn about Linea hands on, see what our partners are building with the zkEVM, and earn points towards a set of celebratory, commemorative Linea NFTs. :confetti_ball:

Bridging activities will run from 5/2 at 9 am est to 5/7 at 11:59 pm est. Please note there is a deadline to claim the points for each task week that will always be outlined on the campaign page. The bridge week deadline to complete tasks is 5/7 11:59 pm EST. The deadline to claim all points for bridge week is 5/8 11:59 pm EST as long as you completed tasks by 5/7 11:59pm EST. You only need to wait 24 hours to claim your points from when completing tasks. All eligible addresses will be updated daily, every 24 hours. If you’re seeing “You are NOT eligible” be sure to check back after addresses have been updated.

The primary goal of the Linea Voyage is to prepare the network for its launch on mainnet later this year. In addition to technical validation and security audits, we need to stress the network and test a variety of activities at scale. And we need you to help us do that! :heart_on_fire:

Please read the Mirror article for more information:

Twitter announcement from the official Linea twitter account:

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The Linea Voyage campaign: