Some kind of Linea exploit or hack?

So one of my friends doing the Linea Park Quest on Layer 3 until yesterday , when he got his wallet drained , the problem is that he was interacting only with linea 3 Quest and Another protocol which seems to legit , that was Carv Protocol , i tried to find what was the problem , where he interacted with something scammy but i didn’t found anything , starting to believe there was an exploit inside linea’s quest . I would like to get help from someone who can understands what is going on here i will put the address down for all of you to check it out , the wallet had like 10$ inside and when my friend tried to top up the wallet he got drained , after that i revoked everything from the wallet and then tried to send again some $ but same thing happened , checked what site was connected , disconnected everything send again some $ again gone , tried to delete every wallet he had to check if something wrong with the wallet and check if there is any active smart contract but again nothing found , send again some $ and once again gone , so now asking your lights , until i found how this was done quitting the interactions with Linea’s Quest

Thanks for the help

Was your friend using MetaMask?

If so, please tell your friend to contact the support team at and click the blue Start a conversation button

Also, best to delete the wallet address from your post especially since it is related to a compromised wallet

The 4rth box that is for the Conversation it doesn’t do anything , even when i press it


The 4rth box which is for the conversation still not showing anything inside … tried to turn off the ad block also used 4 different browsers , still showing nothing …

Try turning off any other application/extension taht may be interfering with it, and try using another device

I tried 4 different pc / laptops with different connection , tried to change the network settings back to default , i tried 3 different smart phones , i tried with VPN still nothing , it doesn’t working

Even my friend from different country seeing this box as i see it , i would like to get some help on this

How long are you giving it to load? Depending on your internet it may take some time