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Hello, new to Linea.

I have bridged from Linea Mainnet to Ethereum. It lasts for more than 1 hour now and I still didn’t receive my funds on Metamask wallet. Is this normal or is sth wrong with the transaction, will I receive my funds?
ETH to Linea lasted only about 20 min. or so…



Follow these steps -

Make sure you are connected to right address and network on and in your MetaMask.

  • bridging from L2>L1 (Linea>Ethereum) takes between 8-32 hours, allow for this time to pass.

  • if the time has passed, and you bridged from L2>L1 (Linea>Ethereum), follow these steps below:

        *go to
        *make sure you are connected on Ethereum network in your MetaMask and on the bridge website
        *click the "clear history" button under Recent Transactions on this bridge site 
        *look for Claim button
        *try clear history button on bridge site a few times if doesn't work the first time

If you are using mobile, make sure you are trying to claim on bridge site using in-app browser.

In the future, please use bridges deployed on Linea, which you can find on

Thanks, it got through.

4 hrs 51 mins ago (Feb-15-2024 08:51:20 AM +UTC)

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