Missing LXP from the Linea Voyage

Hello All,

I completed almost all of the Linea Voyage quests and the Proof of Humanity some time ago.
Unfortunately, the status of my LXP points is 0.
I contacted Galxe and Intract to check why the points were missing. Unfortunately, I was told that due to some issues with my account while adding the additional wallet address process, a problem occurred, and the history of the activities is gone.

As I invested quite a lot of time in the campaigns, can you advise if there is any chance of restoring the information about the activities/receiving the LXP?
Thank you!

Hey @wookash, if you already reached out to the team and that was the problem that occurred then there is nothing else that can be done, sorry

Hi @nakedwinnie, thank you for the prompt reply.
Indeed I reached out to Galxy and Intract teams without any result.

Could you grant me some LXP if I provide proof that I completed at least some of the tasks in the campaigns, e.g. transaction hashes, print screens from the Galxy/X, etc.?
If nothing can be done on your side, I would understand.

I have another question for you: the Linea users recently received additional points for proof of humanity. I completed this task some time ago but haven’t received any LXP. Could you advise on this matter as well?
Thank you in advance for your support!

Nothing can be done, sorry.

There is no lxp given for doing poh. You can keep up to date for what lxp was given for in our discord announcements here Linea

Thanks for looking into this matter.

Best regards,