Completed the POH but not getting any (L)XP points

Hi All,

I have completed the POH on the 8th of februari, since then I have completed multiple tasks on linea park. At the moment I have collected 310 LXP point on linea park, however there is 0 LXP tokens in my wallet.

What is going wrong?

Hi @riesssie , welcome to Linea community!

LXP for ongoing campaigns will never be dropped in participants wallets, if the campaign hasn’t ended. LXP drops are always happening at a later date, after respective campaign ended. Was always like that.

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@Chinzilla, thank you for your response. I will have to be a bit more patient:)

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With the Linea Voyage Park now finished, I checked on socialscan and I won 150 lxp. I’ve done my activation, my PoH and I’ve imported the lxp token too but I still can’t see the 150 lxp in my wallet. Do I need to do anything else or just wait and be patient?

LXP drop will happen in the future for it, please be patient until it does. Will be announced from before.

And please do not spam multiple topics with same question. Spam is not allowed.

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