LXP - Not received

HI there,

I did few activations like linea park and Clutch Linea but didn’t received any LXP in my wallet.
I did the POH 21 days ago so after the 22nd Jan.
Is it the reason? And if yes, does it mean that I will never earn any LXP even by completing all new LXP campaigns?


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22nd Jan was the deadline to complete PoH for the DeFi Voyage LXP drop. Linea PoH is ongoing continuously.

The ones you mentioned haven’t had LXP drop for them with Linea Park not even finishing. There will never be an LXP drop during a campaign for that campaign. LXP drops are scheduled and done by the team according to when they decide it. You need to be patient for that.


Oh ok so for Linea Voyage, I have completed the PoH in time.
“Clutch Linea AI Fest” mentions 150 LXP in the activations page, anyway I will wait and be patient.

Thanks for your reply.

Think only in the end the xp will be sent to our wallets :slight_smile: Best to all!

Hi I minted Foxy NFT and completed this task and POH but I didn’t received 150 LXP in my wallet.
Can you can check this?

My wallet: 0x7A8C479b92581EaA3A3a4cd097D43372b729aaC2
TXH: 0xc1a68c75e626a31cbacfd1105e9d5204d9cfe5d0a040272ee4ff2f8258785e9c

Hi. Looks like you only got 10 LXP. You will need to contact Intract and Foxy about it, as it doesn’t look like your mint transaction registered for them correctly.

Good afternoon. I participated in weekly quests on intract. I was verified there. I collected 1045 LXP, but I received 522 LXP in my wallet. Please check my wallet 0x7D137C3feB771760aF7F69ca66b2Ea1B0664fbf6

Hi @maryfa please contact intract team, you needed to complete POH on time

I completed the POH on time. You can even track that I didn’t miss this task. if it had not been passed, then I would not have received anything at all

It’s very disappointing that the project is not interested in understanding the error. :roll_eyes:Intract is also silent

The screenshot you shared just shows one attestation, you have to pass 1 in group a and 2 in group b, do you see it as passing on https://poh.linea.build/?

It’s enough?

You would have to follow up with the Intract team and continue communicating with them, if it indeed showed 1045 LXP on your Intract page for the defi voyage

The intract team is silent. linea-support-tickets thread in discord is blocked

I see I’m not the only one who has problems with intract

See their updated support process here: