Lxp did not arrive in my wallet

Hello, I had 540 xp that I collected by doing intract linea tasks, I completed the poh task at a very early stage and the Lxp still hasn’t arrived in my wallet. What can we do about this?

Please follow below steps to troubleshoot -

  1. Did you participate in this campaign when it was live? This campaign was open from November 7 - December 18, 2023. There are many campaigns on Intract, the DeFi Voyage was specific and unique to Linea. Other campaigns do not count for Linea LXP.

  2. Check your address on https://lineascan.build/, do you see LXP from this campaign? The contract address is 0xd83af4fbD77f3AB65C3B1Dc4B38D7e67AEcf599A - be careful of scams. Look for this token in the token drop down menu > choose it > you will see the various LXP amounts you have received and what day. The drop for this campaign happened around Janaury 26th (can fluctuate depending on your timezone).

  3. Did you pass POH? Go to https://poh.linea.build/ > connect > does it show passed?

  4. Did you pass POH by required deadline? For this campaign, you needed to pass POH by January 22, 2024 by 12pm CET. You can see the time and date you passed each POH on Verax | Explorer . You can copy your address into the search bar, or connect your account. Then select “view my attestations” from there you can click into each attestation to see the date.

  5. Did you use account binding at all? If yes, are you checking where you linked 2 or more accounts together? See more about this here: ⁠Wallet Binding : What is it? This is not required, but making sure you did it correctly if you used it. You would have received LXP to the Primary wallet set, and the Primary wallet would have needed to complete POH by the required deadline.

If you did not receive DeFi Voyage LXP for campaign, it is most likely because you did not participate in it, or that you did not meet the criteria above.

If you have more questions or need further help, please ask in the Intract in their Discord. Here is how you can open a ticket in their Discord. BE CAREFUL OF SCAMMERS. Please follow these directions carefully to open a ticket ⁠「:question:」defi-voyage-faqs⁠SUPPORT TICKETING WITH INTRACT

Remember, never share your Secret Recovery Phrase with anyone. Never input your Secret Recovery Phrase to a site connecting it. Support will never ask you to do this. Do not sign transactions in your wallet for support.