"I'm a first class Linea Citizen" Human Verification Questions

If it says not eligible, please verify through Gitcoin or Galxe instead. You only need to do 1 of the quests to be verified and get points.



Can you help me explain what this means??

You are not eligible with your connected account. Close the modal to see the requirements, and try again if you get one!

how can i qualify?
what are the hidden requirements in the guild?

Hello, I have a problem with joining the linea guild, when trying to connect twitter, errors 403 or 429 occur, my twitter @mirakullum my profile in the guild is 0xf421cEFf05Ea952A41aa385b6e5b2505d39ea3F5
please help solve this problem

How can I verify my galaxy passport with the Linea Guild?

You need to get compleat a KYC confirmation on Galxe in your Passport ID

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Only one of those 3 verification methods is required. For example, you can use Gitcoin Passport for this task. @user1097


That’s right, Any one in 3 verification methods.


I cant mint guild pin T.T

liHy sir I have done linea human verification mint guild pin holder but I will not able to claim my 2500 points please help me???

I need help to verify week 6 as i have already got guild pin and wait 36 hours thou its not verify yet

Please be more specific about what issue you are having, if it says you are not eligible then verify with Galxe or Gitcoin

Make sure you have minted it and it is in your wallet. Try claiming on BNB smart chain

Same response as above ^

The guild has been attacked. The attacker can mint guild pins at zero cost, and over 48 hours, more than 20,000 new guild pins have been added.

Besides the gas required for mint, there are no other transaction records in the attacker’s account.

Reported to the team, thank you for sharing!

So to mint the guild pin you must definitely do one of the 2 task above gitcon or galxe passport?

No you can do either of the three to get the points for human verification, doing Gitcoin or Galxe quests are not required to mint the Guild pin

Good. i was unsuccessfull also at the beginning. but i learned patience… it seems its a virtue :laughing: