Poh verification problem

Hello. Even though I have Voyage NFT in my wallet, it is not approved on the verification page (POH). what should I do?

Hello @zazathemis , welcome to Linea community!

Only original recipients of tiers 1-4 are eligible to verify that one, says so right under that attestation. Are you one of them, or did you buy yours or mint tier 5?

I bought tier 4. from element market.

Will never work. Only original recipients get it.

So I can’t verify, right?

Not if you bought the NFT and were not original holder

thank you :pray: :pray:

What about newbies with PoH? Here I have a new wallet, I am a beginner, passed almost completely LineaPark, with such a desire passed in the hope of the drop and that it will be my first such project. And here it is necessary to pass PoH? In the first part of the category A, I passed through the binding of the account from binance, on the exchange long ago problems did not arise. But with category B, I passed openid3, and all 0xScore I can not pass as I have a new account and transactions in eth was not, nomis 14 points shows, as I have only linea on projects and activities. I wanted to pass through Orange protocol, but there the method where you need to send 3d model of your face does not work, through Bright ID also did not work, I downloaded the application but it does not connect to Orange. It turns out there is a method of verification, but it is completely useless. Linea simply deceived new users, because they can not pass the humanity test without investment. It should have said so or give the opportunity to pass by some working methods. Although passing the tasks on the 6th week I smintilate attestat trasta labs, but in PoH it is not displayed. What do I do here I am a normal person with one account and can not pass the second task from group B, or rather the certificate from the trust I have but it is not protected . What to do?