Feedback for Linea DeFi Voyage Wave 7 and Recommendations for the Remaining 3 Waves

The recent developments in Linea DeFi Voyage Wave 7 have raised concerns that go beyond worry to potential threats. These concerns are centered around actions that could impact user accounts and balances in their wallets. Among the four selected Dapps, consistent issues have surfaced, with one even surpassing a critical “red flag.” As a user, I lack the technical expertise to fully understand the root causes of these issues. However, I want to offer constructive suggestions to the Linea team for the remaining three waves.

Point 1: Security Concerns and User Account Impact

The progression of Linea DeFi Voyage Wave 7 has reached a concerning level, with actions that could jeopardize user accounts and balances. This is a serious threat that requires immediate attention.

Point 2: Common Issues with Selected Dapps

All four chosen Dapps seem to face similar problems, and one has even raised a “red flag.” Careful evaluation and selection of Dapps are crucial to avoiding potential risks that could harm users, aligning with the objectives of the DeFi Voyage program.

Point 3: User Limitations in Understanding

As a user, there’s a limitation in understanding the actual issues and their causes. More transparency and clear communication from the Linea team are needed to help users comprehend the situation better and respond wisely to the DeFi Voyage program.

Constructive Suggestions:

a) Thorough Pre-selection Evaluation of Dapps: Before choosing Dapps, conduct a detailed security evaluation to ensure that the selected Dapps can operate seamlessly and align with Linea Network’s goals.

b) Prompt Response to User Complaints: Linea’s team, especially on Discord, should respond swiftly to user complaints. If there are two or three complaints, they should be addressed immediately, rather than waiting for a larger number of users to voice concerns.

c) Transparency in Handling Complaints: Instead of redirecting or advising users to inquire directly with Dapp organizers, Linea’s team should proactively investigate user concerns. Users are motivated by good intentions to protect Linea Network’s reputation.

d) Efficient Dapp Auditing Capability: Linea’s team should possess the capability to conduct rapid audits of Dapps, swiftly identifying and addressing potential risks to maintain DeFi Voyage’s stability.

e) Pre-activity Discussions with Dapps: Before engaging in DeFi Voyage activities, Linea’s team should engage in discussions with the involved Dapps about potential scenarios and their solutions. This proactive approach can prevent unforeseen issues.

Conclusion: These suggestions are offered as an expression of care and ownership towards Linea. Hopefully, Linea’s future waves will operate smoothly, receiving positive responses from the blockchain community. From the points mentioned above, a well-structured article or document can be crafted for Linea’s team to consider.


Very well observed and very nice reflection. Yes, we are Linea ambassadeurs and we should be listened. I also fully agree that all apps should be rigorously audited before being approved to enter the Voyage… Some of them have bugs that make impossible to achieve them (Tomo wallet, for example-doesn’t complete the action to connect our Twitter…) seen dozens of people facing same problem and asking for help over Intract Discord) and so far the problem persists… Let’s get fingers crossed that all of this is addressed soon and they have at least checked all apps for safety issues.


thanks you sear, good job