Discord login problem

Hello Linea team ,

Linea server disapear from my discord .

I asked in general chat why i cannot share my linea surge referal code and then it looks like i got ban .

I am so sorry i did something wrong , i was not aware i do something wrong.

I stake on Linea a like this project , i like to stay tuned with everything you are doing .

Can you help me please with this issue ?

Thank you in advance .

discord name : peterko_94880
display name : p3t3rk0



Hope Linea support reaches out to you soon. Probably isn’t the best place since people around Discord already are “in” Linea campaigns… Best of luck on this buddy!

Hi Peter!

Thank you for reaching out.

I’ll share the information with the team and share a feedback asap.

You have been unbanned but you have to respect the rules going forward. You were banned because you flouted the rules on Referral code posting on the channel after several warnings from the Admin.