Discord server ban

Hello. I can’t get to the Discord server. On the first attempt, I incorrectly solved the introductory test several times (I had to choose the right word for the image). Now it does not allow access to the server.
I have BETA quality NFT for the GALAXY company, an active participant in the intact campaign (1600 points), passed verification (POH).

Help me figure out the problem.
I tried to change the avatar, username, nickname - it still doesn’t help.
My username is alexturnerlikec
My discord ID is 1089464934598979648

Hi @alexturner , welcome to Linea community!

Please try joining again now.


thank you. i joined

hello please help me to join linea server, i tried changing my username and avatar but it doesnt help also… i have linea alpha nft and passed POH.

Username- zaiwinter

Hi - I don’t see this username on the ban list .What type of error are you getting when trying to join Linea ?

I can’t join discord please help.
Username: lemontea38
Discord id: 441248287215976468

Try again.

Hi! I can’t join Linea Discord. I’m getting an error “Unable to accept invite”. I am participating in all companies, passed verification(POH). Please help me. Thank you in advance!
My ID:404198551678353409.

Hi. Try rejoining now.