Cant Join Discord

Hi Team,

It looks like I have been kicked from the discord channel. I have been putting my code in the surge referral codes every day, which may have flagged me as spam. My display name on discord is: doecke998

Can I please be reinstated as I have been an active part of the linea community since January and completed Linea Park + Linea Surge.

Thanks team!

I have unbanned you, but please do not share any false information about your referral code.

Hi @nakedwinnie

I have experienced exactly the same - been probably banned for sharing my ref code every day (what I believed is OK and never got any warning). I’ve been supporting Linea from the early days, I’m in top 1% of active users based on tx on Linea with one organic wallet.

Can you please unban me too? My discord is @rudaneck

Thank you and sorry if I did anything wrong, it wasn’t on purpose.


You were banned for making false airdrop claims and won’t be unbanned

I’m really sorry, but it must be some misunderstanding. My understanding of the ref codes was that by using it you were entitled to receive maximum early adopter airdrop. When I’m reading the docs now I’m still understanding it in the same way (although word “airdrop” is not used). Is my understanding wrong? Don’t “multiplier” or “modifier” terms serve just as alternative words for “increased airdrop”? Other users in the channel were also referring to maximum airdrop what might have confused me too.

Having said that I do admit I shared it even after the early adopter deadline passed (as I was too lazy and simply copied my previous posts). That was my mistake and I apologize for that.

I promise I won’t post anything anymore to the referral channel and won’t earn any new referrals.

Honestly, not issuing any warning at all and straightly ban user without any opportunity to appeal is also not really ideal.

I would appreciate if you could reconsider your decision.

Thank you!


Referrals don’t act as multipliers or modifiers, just extra points if the people you referred have provided liquidity.

If you share your code, please just share your code without any other unnecessary information, especially anything about an airdrop.

Thank you!

Understood. I apologize again, it won’t happen again.

Hello friend… I also have a problem with discord. I was one of the people who joined very early on the channel but was pushed out and many times but can’t get back in… for almost half a year I can only do tasks and interactions through other channels and cannot re-enter your channel. Please help me return to the channel. My discord account is Tiep98SS

Try rejoining now.


Thanks bro