Voyage xp for testers nft

If I buy several of these NFTs on the secondary market, I will receive XP for each separately or just the amount for my minted NFTs?

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Hi friend! By holding Linea Voyage testnet NFTs you will get XP on the wallet that holds them when the snapshot is taken. The XP stacks, so if you hold more than 1 Alpha NFT, then you will get XP for each. No further details other than that have been announced yet though.

Hope that answers your question!


Tell me more please! Will there be a xp reward for early users who minted articles on the mirror and worked with the team here to identify errors? Thank you, if not then pass this idea on to the team :hugs:

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WE tried to contribute to the development of the ecosystem

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The team has not announced anything in regards to that. I wouldn’t expect it but I’ll forward your ideas to the team though!


Yes please ! Because, for example, I’m not a gamer and I couldn’t collect prizes and have small box on first Linea Voyage DeGame ! But I am a trader and work in my sectors and their developments by testing the product and its improvements for professional investors and ambassadors, helping the community! So I asked

Sure. You can btw get involved in the Linea discord if you wish. Active community contributors can get the champion role. :slight_smile:

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I don’t think so. We just verifiy our identity, your are good with the real things sir

What do you mean? :smiley:

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