Uniswap (Swap ETH to crUSDC) Solve

if u can’t Swap ETH to crUSDC (fail) you can try to incrase Slippage ex(49%)


still pending can’t swap

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speed up the transaction in metamask, it works

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is this a bug hope it gets fixed

Why i cant use uniswap?

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I recently used the Swap.goerli.linea.build/#/swap service and I was very impressed with the ease of use and the speed of the transaction. The interface was intuitive and the process was straightforward. I was also pleased with the low fees and the security measures in place. Overall, I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking for a reliable and secure way to exchange cryptocurrencies.

i cant swap oh it keeps failing here pls help me out guys

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I can’t find crUSDC …could you give me the contract address of crUSDC

Finding the crUSDC is the issue every other thing is working well

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How did you add the crUSDC

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Error adding pool always error. And it keeps repeating. Please fix it soon

It should be already there

yead i can’t add crUSDC too

can’t exchange,please check again for pair