Link swap in uniswap eror


Yes, it’s a common bug for now

yes there is error in swapping

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Same, I hope it’s fixed soon

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yes…I can’t see crusdc on uniswap

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Hey There may be some issues with adding liquidity right now and the team is aware of it. :wink:


Yes, we will let you know when there is a fix!

done upgare and now valid sir

done sir now peoblem its now

try to increase it to 1%, I’m already running and there’s no problem

jsut wait, or refresh your browser ate

many errors like rattar guru said .

I have had some bad luck with crUSDC balances and found it annoying to deal with some information that those balances amount to hundreds of millions of billions of dollars.

It’s the same with me… trillions of numbers :slight_smile: