How I avoiding "Uniswap Pool error" (my approach). Steb by step

Hope this topic will help somehow and sorry if I wrong.

So, first this is my pools before I start:

Next you should:

  1. Select crUSDC token.
  2. Set 0.005% fee.
  3. Select full range

Confirm warning:

Final step:

  1. In ETH deposit field you should input value roughly as at screen.
  2. Important! If after preview button clicking nothing happens just decrease ETH deposit value until button click call Metamask wallet.

As a result:

Hope it help somehow.


waaaaw . its working . great


good steps . thanks for sharing kind of things :heart_eyes:

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Yeah, you also can find helpful my topic: “How to add liquidity with 0.3-1% commission level”.


These steps are quite helpful

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Nice one.This will help many people from wasting time

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