(Resolved) NFT collections deployed on the testnet are not showing up on marketplaces

Hey there,

I just deployed a test NFT collection (contract address 0x05F61F1Cd0Dd84Db5eb2b26ca0963517C0648273)
but I can see neither it nor any of the 15 minted NFTs on any marketplace (Zonic or Bilinear). What could be a problem?
Currently the collection is set to whitelist only mints.
Earlier I deployed another collection (with exactly same contract and metadata) and it also does not appear on the marketplaces. However, that contract is not verified; the current contract (address above), however, is.

I deployed the new (flattened) contract with Remix and the old (non-flattened) contract with Hardhat toolkit.

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Managed to find it on zonic.
testnet . zonic . app/collection/linea_goerli/0x05F61F1Cd0Dd84Db5eb2b26ca0963517C0648273
It should also appear on the other one, my guess, it’s an indexing issue. Takes time.

testnet . bilinear . io /collections/linea/0x05F61F1Cd0Dd84Db5eb2b26ca0963517C0648273

First time on those sites. SO, BEWARE OF PHISHING AND SCAMS.
I added testnet in front and it worked. Don’t think it’s a standard, but nice touch from the teams nonetheless.

Yes, now it is there! A support person in Zonic Discord who took care of my ticket said there was some issue with the app. Now I can indeed see all of my test collections. Apparently, there is even no difference in whether the contract is verified or not.

Thank you too! :wink:

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And Bilinear indeed still lags behind. But at least I am sure now that it is a platform-specific issue

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