Distribution of NFT's

Is the distribution of NFT’s finished? Or, do we have to claim it manually?


hi. This collection comes in five different editions.
The first four editions, “Alpha ”, “Beta ”, “Gamma ”, “Delta ” has been airdropped to the top four tiers of participants, based on their ranking in the final Voyage leaderboard.
The fifth edition “Omega ” will be available for claim by all other participants.


Thank you, is it true that private testers will also get NFT?

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Yes. They will be able to mint a tier 5 Omega NFT when claim opens.


Thank you. I’m a private tester so I’m very curious.


Now everyone has the opportunity to buy any NFT on zonic.app
What was the point of doing a testnet for 9 weeks?
Or are all participants recorded on a special list where it is impossible to buy a place?


I was airdropped NFT, can I still claim omiga NFT?

The Omega NFT is available to claim for people who received 2500 points and below, or people who participated in the private beta testnet. If you see not eligible, please try refreshing the page multiple times. The button may appear after refreshing, and you can quickly press the option to mint.

If a user was in the first 4 tiers, normally they should not be able to also mint the Omega NFT, EXCEPT IF that user was a private beta tester also. In that case he would be able to have both one of the top 4 tiers NFT airdropped AND the Omega NFT.