Please, help with my uni Research - Just 1️⃣ question❔

Hey Linea Fam👋

I’m Jordan, uni student diving deep into the fascinating world of crypto sociology for my class project. I’m super curious about how communities like ours envision the future of token distribution💭

Here is :one: question: “What is the Ideal Token Distribution, And Through What Work is it Fair To Give it in Crypto rn?” :face_with_monocle:

If you’re feeling shy or just wanna chat here, feel free to drop your thoughts below too. :raised_hands:

Stay awesome, Jordan!

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Hey @Jordan, welcome to the Linea community!

This seems more like a general crypto question, and not directly related to Linea. You may receive better responses asking in more general crypto communities/forums/subreddits.

Best of luck on your class project!