Linea Voayage - The Surge - Error in wallet activation date

Good afternoon, there is an error regarding my wallet on the linea Surge. I deposited 0.1 eth in Zeroland since the 17th of April, I activated the wallet on the 17th, but as you had a problem with the referrals I had to activate it again but now it only started counting from the 26th of April, This is neither fair nor right. I have much less points and early adopter bust doesn’t even appear!!!

Hi, have the similar problem, except I withdrawed my assets from zerolend on May 7, since it wasn’t on the eligible protocols list for surge campaign. Since then my ezEth was staked on renzo and renzo protocol is still on the list. My main complain is that I didn’t get the early adopter flag and I’ve been holding my assets for more than a month now. Please explain.

The surge started on May 16th, points would have only started accumulating since then and not any earlier

Thanks, I know this far. My question is why I didn’t get the early adopter status in this case? Explain pls

My response above was to @user1483 in original post, sorry I missed your question.

If you withdrew before the snapshot date it would not count for early adopter, the list of eligible protocols is just for the surge, for early adopter it was stated any dapp on linea ecosystem would count