I'm an idiot

Hi. I tried to send some ethereum to my PayPal from my bitrue account. I selected linea as my network because of the low transaction fee in complete ignorance of the fact that I would need anything other than my PayPal account.

I have since set up a metamask account, of course this would’ve only helped beforehand.

Would I be able to recover this if I provided address, transaction records, etc… to someone?

Please help and pardon my ignorance if posted incorrectly, it didn’t seem to let me post in user area of forum.

Hi @senor_doubleyou , welcome to Linea community!

This is between you, PayPal and Bitrue. MetaMask has nothing to do with it, you practically sent ETH from Bitrue to PayPal directly on a network that PayPal doesn’t support most likely, no idea how they work at all and you would have to contact them about it.

I’ve contacted both bitrue and PayPal they both kind of point to each other.

I check it in etherscan and it shows this.

It’s not terribly much but I would like it if I can get it back somehow.

If I’m an idiot and just should call it a loss I suppose I can do that as well.

I honestly don’t really understand what happened or what I did wrong.

As Chinzilla stated, there is nothing we can do for you here sorry. I would suggest continuing communication with them.