I can't join Discord

Hello. I can’t join Discord. My ID is 1073563705285038151. Please check. I am a live person and I want to participate in the project.

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You were banned for breaking the server rules and will not be unbanned.

Please explain why I’m banned. It’s some kind of mistake. Maybe for working from the same IP address. But we are a family. Me, my son and my wife logged into the project from the same IP. Maybe because of that? Is it a violation? But we are living people and we are interested in linea project. Please help me.

Hello! How can I get back on discord? I can not enter ? Did I get banned? My discord name is “edcrypt”

You need to change your username and your display name.

Thanks a lot! It helped!

Hello, I can’t log into discord, what could be the problem?

Changing profile picture and discord name usually resolves the issue unless you have been banned by an admin for breaking the rules.

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How do I know if an administrator has banned me?

my id 1034863046717341756

Please try changing profile picture and username

Thank you, it worked

Please someone answer me, why did I get banned?

You were banned for breaking the server rules and will not be unbanned.

Hi, I can’t join Discord Linea. It always writes ‘‘Unable to accept the invitation.’’

Please help me, i have linea alpha nft and POH… thank you! my username is zaiwinter

Hello, I can’t log into discord
my id 623780336475832320

Hi - you are not banned under that username. Do you have another account you were banned from? It might be the issue of same IP.

Hi - please change your username on Discord fully, and then you can try to rejoin, Thanks!

hello can i ask how can i fix that… what should do, my brother is on linea server, is that the reason i cant join?

Please share your user ID.

In the event that you aren’t actually banned, it could be due to your VPN that needs to be disabled, by trying with another browser or by trying from a different internet connection.