Cannot get verification for Discord


I have some issue with the verification to join the Discord.
Is it possible to have someone to add me directly please? fureddos#9751

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Hi. Can you share your user ID? Can’t find you anywhere with that name.

Also, please share what kind of issues you’re having with

My user ID is 734576264249344081
The issue is the attachment sent by the bot doesn’t open, I clicked several times on all the platform possible but it’s not working, not sure what’s wrong.

Thanks a lot

You aren’t banned, but you’re also not in the server. Join the server and try going through the verification again. There shouldn’t be a problem with it. Make sure you have good internet when doing it and try from different browsers or devices.

Yup tried on Android, Brave, Chrome, Firefox, all not working.
Can’t also contact support cause needs to join their discord and same issue. :sweat_smile: