Cannot add liquidity pools

When adding liquidity, sometimes it doesn’t want to approve Wallet metamask, even though it can be approved, the process usually takes too long and ends in errors or failures

My wallet address:

Please avoid trying to add liquidity to pools at the moment.

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same issue, can somebody tell me what to do with it?

Major error or issue I had was adding liquidity to the pool. I wanted to use eith Eth/CrUSDC pair or CrEth/CrUSDC pair but I was unable to. The transaction was not going through.

I had zero issues swapping and wrapping Eth to CrEth and unwrapping too.
my wallet address :0x6a926dE8c63793B4Ce07e9C416Ff6C48A1054D63


Error creating liquidity on Uniswap V3

Liquidity generation failed on crUSDC/ETH pair

It is also happening on ETH/crUSDC pair (Uniswap V2)


Major error or issue I had was adding liquidity to the pool.

The site has a problem and the transaction costs are very high. This is the problem of all of us

same here i cant add liquidity

i cant add liquidity its displaying that error above.


Same here I can’t add liquidity


I can’t add liquidity too

Please fix the site This is a common problem and it is very annoying that we cannot create a pool

Hi is there solution to this. I still have this problem on uniswap

same me to can’t add liquidty in uniswap

Can’t add liquid in Linea uniswap

Yeah . I couldn’t do it either. Can someone tell me what the problem is here

Find instruction on this site: how to add liquidity with 0.3-1% commission level

i am also encountering the same issue

error when add liquidity