Authorization in Discord

Hello! I can’t join the Linea discord server. Constant error? Maybe I was banned? kseniya36100

Hello! How can I see if I have been banned? I can’t join Linea server

Change username and profile picture and try now

thank you, I was able to join

Hi, I can’t join Discord Linea. It always writes ‘‘Unable to accept the invitation.’’

Please help me, thank you!

What’s username


Change username and profile picture

I’m in, thank you

Hello I get the same error as other when connecting line or consensys discord, my user name is bludwing3962. Can you help please?

Hi, me to. i get Unable to acceot the invite. Userid whisperbringer3889. Thanks

You both aren’t banned on the Linea server, but will be once you join and it will remain so, as both your accounts are fake, including any other ones you have. We are ok with letting some slide, but you coming to ask about it is not ok at all. It’s disrespectful and a waste of our time.

Please stop spamming in multiple posts or you will be banned from here

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Hi, the discord says “unable to accept your invite.” Any way to get past this?

Hi. What is your username or user ID?

Thanks for getting back to me. My username is: hivemindbureaucrat

Change username and profile picture

Okay, I changed them. Do I just try the discord invite link again?

Yup try again

Appreciate your help!

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