10 wave goes against the spirit of Layer2. And it goes against the spirit of decentralization. It needs to be canceled

10 waves is risky. This needs to be canceled. in 10 waves, wallet words are a very risky task, such as linking and importing wallets. Already, dapps have exploded in some waves. There were dapps where folks could not deposit or withdraw their money or pay the transaction fee and make the transaction. I think it is quite wrong to do such a risky operation as a "core task". The Linea team needs to quickly turn around from this mistake. Also, we have already done a metamask swap in the first tasks. The transaction fee is extremely high. **The purpose of Layer 2 is to reduce transaction fees in ethereum**. But the task on this wave is even higher than the ethereum network. 2. as a matter of fact, ledger nano was hacked recently. On top of that, such a risky wallet connection will make many people victims.
It is also the opposite of the goal of "decentralization of linea". This task is destroying decentralization and scalability. It destroys. 

Tasks should be performed in the freedom of the blockchain, not in the form of imposition. Cancel this mission.

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Hi friend! You can use a secondary wallet address for these tasks and then simply connect the secondary wallets with your primary one.

Couple of notes that @KBeeTheCapybara wrote down:

  • Wallet binding is permanent and cannot be undone or changed, move slow!
  • Set the primary account as the account that you passed POH with
  • all XP you bind as secondary will go to primary
  • XP will not double for same tasks. You get XP for a task once.

See more here: docs.linea.build/use-mainnet/linea-xp#wallet-binding

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